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 Our reference/Referencias:
One of our client is going to install himself to Perú. It's important to us to give him a good service. (Uno de nuestros clientes se instalará en Perú. Es importante para nosotros brindarle un óptimo servicio.)
 The shipment consist/La mudanza consiste:
Personal effect only (Sólo efectos personales)
Personal effect and a car (Efectos personales y automóvil)
Only a car (Sólo automóvil)
 KGSM3Rate ARate BRate CRate DRate E
1 TC 20'
1 TC 40'
1 Case
1 Bulk
1 Car
 From POD:
To quay clear through customs
To your warehouse clear through customs
To residence without handling
To residence with handling without setting-up goods
To residence with complete provision of services

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